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Along with your basic information, see your top 5 most liked and most commented on images. When you know what people like you know what to post next!

Account Growth

Watch for trends in your followership. Look back over time to see what really worked!

Follower Growth

See how many followers you've gained by day for the last 30 days. If you're not seeing the kind of growth you expected, it's time to try something new!


Watch the trends in your total and average likes and comments per month. Look for peaks. Figure out what works during good months and what not to do again from bad months!


See your total and average likes and comments received based on the hour and day you post. Learn when it's best to post!

Filter Impact

See your average likes and comments received per filter. Learn what filters work and which to avoid!

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Comment Assistant

Get a list of all of your posts where you weren't the last person to comment, with a link to translate any foreign language comments. No matter how old the post, ensure you never miss a comment again!

Follower Assistant

Need to check if someone is following you? Follower Assistant has your back!

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Are you the best at Instagram? Prove it by toping the leaderboard for your follower count club!

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